13 December 2013

Dangers in the Garden- rest in peace Podge

I know this blog was meant to be full of nice pretty things but I need to get a message to people. On Monday our beloved cat, Podge, drowned. Climbing down from a fence he fell in the neighbours water butt which was two thirds full and drowned.

A tragic accident that could have been avoided had they taken the time to put the lid on properly or pop a brick on top to keep it secure. 

I just cannot bear the thought of this happening to another cat. Words cannot describe how upset and heartbroken we both are. He was part of our family and at 1 years old he is gone. Never again we will hear his purr, see his little pink nose or have him cuddle us on a Sunday morning in bed. 

So please pass this on to anyone with a water butt and if you have one or a similar rain catcher please take the time to make sure nothing can fall in and not get out.

Hopefully his ashes will back Monday and he can sit in his favourite place on the window ledge. 

Loved always our little Podge xxx


  1. I picked your link up from our local vet's Facebook site. I send my sympathy to you and your family. To lose a pet is devastating but to lose her due to someone else's carelessness is truly heartbreaking.
    Ever since I found a drowned magpie in my water butt almost thirty years ago I have relentlessly checked that tops are put on firmly.
    With big hugs - Trish Lowe, Lymm, Cheshire.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, people just don't realise the danger they pose to animals. Still very sad but hoping people take the time to put the lid on properly or put a brick on it :-( xx

  3. Really Sorry to hear this, he was beautiful and it is a huge loss. Thanks for the warning. xxx

    1. He was stunning, still heartbroken. Thank you for your kind words xx